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Post Baby Workouts – Exercise for Sanity Sake!

Post Baby BodySo this cartoon sums up how I felt after I had my daughter. The only thing missing is my sister-in-law putting the glasses back in my cupboard incorrectly and my husband asking asinine questions, like “Where are the diapers?” as he was holding one!

I wasn’t pregnant anymore and wanted to wear my regular clothes but nothing fit. Thank goodness my Mother was there to help! She said, “Your body changed over the course of 9 months, so it is not going to be back in 5 minutes! The glasses are fixed and as for Scott, well, he’s a man. Your father is the smartest and dumbest person I have ever met!”

My mother was very supportive during the initial postpartum stage and encouraged me to get out for walks to start. Later she gave me a home workout poster that had exercises I could do in my bedroom. The exercise was not a 5 minute magic fix for my “body” woes but it did make me feel better. I felt calmer and overall happier. AND, I was better equipped to answer all the asinine husband questions!

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Amie Sherwin from Ironside Fitness here in Calgary, AB. She is a busy Mom of 3 who found fitness to be her saving grace after her 3rd baby. Amie was always a fitness buff and was having a hard time after her 3rd baby was born because he was suffering with colic. With the help of her husband, Amie scheduled time to get out to fitness classes. After the classes, she always felt happier and better able to deal with a colic baby and two toddlers. The fact that she was getting her body back was an added bonus. Amie started fitness certifications when her 3rd was 6 months old and made a career change. She left her busy corporate position and became a fitness trainer. She loves to give back to new Moms and help them feel great about themselves. “Happy Moms – Happy Babies” is her motto!

Ironside 2 Ironside

I loved the feel and atmosphere at Ironside Fitness. They have 2 locations here in Calgary. A small gym that wants fitness to be fun and balanced. They are happy to work with new Moms as help them feel better about themselves. Check them out at http://www.ironsidefitness.com!

Don’t let breastfeeding get in the way of your workouts! I love the Cake Lemon and Orange Zest Sports Bras for that very purpose. They are available in store and online!

Lemon Zest Product Cup Image 2-2

Cake Lemon Zest

Orange Zest Sports Bra - Front

Cake Orange Zest

Just remember the body will come back but think of working out as a means to keep you sane! It’s like Elle Woods said “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”

Legally Blond


Don’t give me a gift for Mother’s Day – Donate to the Fort McMurray Fire

So I was about to post a Blog about being a Mother for this upcoming Mother’s Day but it seems a little hollow when I see the photos and news reports from Fort McMurray, AB. I realized that many Fort Mac Mom’s will be happy to say they their children are safe this Mother’s Day, even if they have lost all else. As a resident of Alberta, my heart breaks for this community. Fort McMurray has been hit particularly hard by the economic downturn and this fire will certainly contribute additional hardship.

Fort Mac Fire 2Fort Mac Fire 1

I never considered myself an overly emotional person but since becoming a mother 13 years ago, I find that I cry often over news stories. This morning I was watching the news and heard a report of a mother and her young son who made it safely to a campground by taxi cab. The waterworks broke and I could not imagine being alone with my child and trying to find transportation to evacuate a life threatening situation!

Fort Mac Fire

Instead of a gift this Mother’s Day, I told my husband and daughter to make a donation to the fire via the Canadian Red Cross. (No he has not purchased a gift – that would have been a Sunday morning task for sure!) This money will be desperately needed to help out those who have lost everything!

I have also made a donation on behalf of Posh Mommy. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the Posh Mommies of Fort Mac! Stay Safe!

If you would like to donate, please click on this link to donate to the fire via the Canadian Red Cross.


Nicole, Posh Mommy

Buying a Nursing Bra? – Don’t Stress!

Many new Moms and Moms-to-be worry about the nursing bra shopping experience. No need to stress as there are many great options for nursing bras these days. I have come up with a few pointers to help you have a successful shopping experience!



Go to a place that will help you fit your nursing bra. I never leave a woman alone to pick out nursing bras and I am always available to help with the fit. I will pull all options that will work for the customer and bring different sizes until she finds one that fits and is comfortable. You should not have to leave the dressing room!


A good time to get fit for a nursing bra is 4 weeks prior to your due date. It is always a good idea to start with at least one bra before the baby arrives. If you are worried about finances, keep in mind that family and close friends may ask about gift ideas. You can always take a photo of a nursing bra for which you were fitted and throw that in as a potential gift idea. I love giving gifts that are useful and much needed!


Be open minded! Sometimes the bra that looks funny on the hangar is the one you will love! The Amoralia Second Skin Fuller Bust Nursing Bra is the bra you have to try on. Designed for a fuller bust, it is one of our top sellers because it is supportive, comfortable and pretty!

Amoralia Full Bust

Amoralia Full Bust


Be sure to purchase a seamless nursing bra. A great seamless nursing bra will get you through the beginning stages of nursing and the fluctuations due to milk supply. You can also wear them to bed. I love the Cake Maternity Cotton Candy and Rock Candy Seamless Nursing Bras! The fabric is fabulous and they come in cute colours! The Rock Candy also works as a great maternity bra as things change during your pregnancy.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Rock Candy

Rock Candy


If you go shopping with your baby and she/he cries, don’t worry! Some new Moms worry that a crying baby will bother others. Any shop that carries nursing bras are used to crying babies. I have rocked many a baby while a new Mom was trying on bras. Some have to stop to breastfeed the little one and that is all part of it. Just relax and go with it!!