Don’t give me a gift for Mother’s Day – Donate to the Fort McMurray Fire

So I was about to post a Blog about being a Mother for this upcoming Mother’s Day but it seems a little hollow when I see the photos and news reports from Fort McMurray, AB. I realized that many Fort Mac Mom’s will be happy to say they their children are safe this Mother’s Day, even if they have lost all else. As a resident of Alberta, my heart breaks for this community. Fort McMurray has been hit particularly hard by the economic downturn and this fire will certainly contribute additional hardship.

Fort Mac Fire 2Fort Mac Fire 1

I never considered myself an overly emotional person but since becoming a mother 13 years ago, I find that I cry often over news stories. This morning I was watching the news and heard a report of a mother and her young son who made it safely to a campground by taxi cab. The waterworks broke and I could not imagine being alone with my child and trying to find transportation to evacuate a life threatening situation!

Fort Mac Fire

Instead of a gift this Mother’s Day, I told my husband and daughter to make a donation to the fire via the Canadian Red Cross. (No he has not purchased a gift – that would have been a Sunday morning task for sure!) This money will be desperately needed to help out those who have lost everything!

I have also made a donation on behalf of Posh Mommy. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the Posh Mommies of Fort Mac! Stay Safe!

If you would like to donate, please click on this link to donate to the fire via the Canadian Red Cross.


Nicole, Posh Mommy