Post Baby Workouts – Exercise for Sanity Sake!

Post Baby BodySo this cartoon sums up how I felt after I had my daughter. The only thing missing is my sister-in-law putting the glasses back in my cupboard incorrectly and my husband asking asinine questions, like “Where are the diapers?” as he was holding one!

I wasn’t pregnant anymore and wanted to wear my regular clothes but nothing fit. Thank goodness my Mother was there to help! She said, “Your body changed over the course of 9 months, so it is not going to be back in 5 minutes! The glasses are fixed and as for Scott, well, he’s a man. Your father is the smartest and dumbest person I have ever met!”

My mother was very supportive during the initial postpartum stage and encouraged me to get out for walks to start. Later she gave me a home workout poster that had exercises I could do in my bedroom. The exercise was not a 5 minute magic fix for my “body” woes but it did make me feel better. I felt calmer and overall happier. AND, I was better equipped to answer all the asinine husband questions!

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Amie Sherwin from Ironside Fitness here in Calgary, AB. She is a busy Mom of 3 who found fitness to be her saving grace after her 3rd baby. Amie was always a fitness buff and was having a hard time after her 3rd baby was born because he was suffering with colic. With the help of her husband, Amie scheduled time to get out to fitness classes. After the classes, she always felt happier and better able to deal with a colic baby and two toddlers. The fact that she was getting her body back was an added bonus. Amie started fitness certifications when her 3rd was 6 months old and made a career change. She left her busy corporate position and became a fitness trainer. She loves to give back to new Moms and help them feel great about themselves. “Happy Moms – Happy Babies” is her motto!

Ironside 2 Ironside

I loved the feel and atmosphere at Ironside Fitness. They have 2 locations here in Calgary. A small gym that wants fitness to be fun and balanced. They are happy to work with new Moms as help them feel better about themselves. Check them out at!

Don’t let breastfeeding get in the way of your workouts! I love the Cake Lemon and Orange Zest Sports Bras for that very purpose. They are available in store and online!

Lemon Zest Product Cup Image 2-2

Cake Lemon Zest

Orange Zest Sports Bra - Front

Cake Orange Zest

Just remember the body will come back but think of working out as a means to keep you sane! It’s like Elle Woods said “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”

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